Our primary brand font is Work Sans. Its modern geometric proportions create a clean and minimal compliment to the bolder elements used throughout the brand. Work Sans includes a variety of weights, making it extremely versatile across all platforms.

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Brand Font

Brand Font Our primary brand font is Work Sans, a clean, modern geometric-inspired font. The minimal characteristics and versatility of this font pair perfectly with our funky, engaging and bright branding elements and designs.





Color and Type

When choosing font colors, choose colors that allow for high contrast and readability. White, Black and Blue are the only allowable colors used for type, with the exception being occassional punctuation.




Aa (1)



Aa (2)



This is an example
of title text.

Frame 23

This is an example of body copy. The open leading gives the copy a light, airy feel that works especially well on long sections of type.

Frame 24