& Patterns.

Illustrations are utilized in Panzura collateral to provide supporting visuals for processes, functions and other abstract concepts.

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Minimal & Dynamic

The Panzura illustration style is flat and minimal with bold colors. Basic shapes and color combinations can be used to mimic light, shadow, movement, and dimension.

Panzura-location-illustrations 1 

Not So Literal

Illustrations should be symbolic; they must provide clarity while evoking emotion. A cloud does not always have to be drawn like a cloud. Simple shapes can be used to represent data.






Be Mindful of Color

Full color illustrations should be used in all collateral. Monochromatic versions are to be used only on the Panzura website on the approporiate pages. Please do not pull monochromatic images off the website without prior consultation with the Panzura marketing team.


Panzura-Automated-Distributed-File-Locking-illustration 1


Panzura-tech-Automated-Distributed-File-Locking-blue-illustration 1
If you need a new illustration created, or would like assistance co-branding one, please contact our marketing department.