Funky, ambitious, and versatile—Panzura’s shapes and patterns epitomize the brand personality.

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Gridded Shapes

Using a grid to organize shapes is not only a nod to the De Stijl & Bauhuas design movements, but it is a balanced way to add visual interest to banners, headers, and social media assets.



Accent Motifs

Bring a little weird to your project by using these motifs—bleed them off the page or let them hang out in the margins.


Frame (1) 

Frame (2) 

Frame (3) 

Dividers & Banners

These bright and dimensional patterns can be used to add emphasis to a piece. Select one to divide a section, direct the eye, or frame content.

Frame (4) 

Logo Background

By replicating a linear version of the Panzura logo, we have created a subtle, but dynamic, background that can be layered behind text in print or on screen.